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Über Uns

How it all began

It all started with a severe and incurable travel bug that hit us in 2004/2005, before our then three-year-old son started school. We decided to take a six-month break from our journalist life in Germany at the time, packed our video and radio equipment and went on the trip with our son. The six months turned into two years: United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, Yemen, Nepal, Morocco and again and again India, which I traveled to for the first time in 2000. 

The country captivated me: the wonderful handicrafts, strong spirituality, impressive nature, lovely people. As freelance journalists, we reported on socio-political and cultural issues from all the countries we traveled to. We paid particular attention to the topics of “sustainability” and “social differences”. Living out of a suitcase for two years, always on the go, we often felt like adventurers, nomads and explorers. But the experiences of our trip had also changed us. Back home, after our son started school, it quickly became clear: we didn't want to continue as before. Traveling had broadened our horizons and opened our eyes. We met so many people on our travels who are fighting for sustainability and a respectful treatment of nature and people. We also wanted to make our contribution to this from now on. The idea for fair, mindful and sustainably manufactured products was born. I founded a label and quickly came up with the name: baghi, which is Hindi and means “rebel.”

Travelling, which is, as it were, a higher and more serious science, leads us back to ourselves.

Albert Camus

Travelling wonderfully ennobles the mind and clears away all our prejudices.

Oscar Wilde

The path is the goal.


Eco meets Fair

At Baghi, people and nature are the focus. Therefore, all products are made from natural or recycled raw materials that have been grown in a particularly resource-saving and ecological way. Founder Susan Bohn is always looking for innovative materials and processes that are even more sustainable. We try to keep our entire supply chain as transparent as possible and ensure that everyone involved in production receives above-standard wages and is socially protected.

baghi is Hindi and means "rebel."