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Rabatte für Yogalehrer und Therapeuten

We grant discounts on ALL products in our range, with the exception of special offers, clearance items and special items. They apply to certified yoga teachers (including Qi Gong teachers, Tai Chi teachers, therapists etc.), and are also applicable even if the training has not yet been completed:

    From 70,00 EUR order value 10 % discount
    From 250,00 EUR order value 15 % discount
    From 400.00 EUR order value 20 % discount

The discounts are applicable to the final consumer prices including VAT.

Some items, e.g. some special offers or special items, are excluded from discounts. In such cases, the item excluded from the discount is marked accordingly in the item description. Discounts cannot be combined or accumulated with other discounts.

Please send us your (yoga) teacher certificate or (yoga) teacher training contract or your therapist certificate by email to: info@baghi.de immediately after you have registered as a new customer in the store.

    After receiving your certificate or (yoga) teacher contract, we will change your customer status in the store to yoga teacher.
    After changing your customer status to yoga teacher, you will receive an email confirmation.
    After receiving the confirmation, you can immediately claim the discount.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you place an order before receiving our confirmation, the discount cannot be applied! Please first register as a customer in our store before sending us your certificate.